We are a team of infrastructure engineers that have built some of the most scalable, high availability, and performant infrastructures in the world. We provide consulting services to help growing companies build and maintain their infrastructures.

Many big companies are creating infrastructure teams to help them with continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous monitoring.

Tearing down silos between development and operations requires that both groups learn to operate as one, which is the cornerstone of DevOps. Within the DevOps framework, there are several key principles that companies can follow to achieve more agility and efficiency in their processes.

Treating your infrastructure like code is a crucial DevOps principle because it gives you the ability to write code for your infrastructure using tools such as Chef, Puppet or SaltStack. This enables you to automate many tasks such as deploying or scaling a service or application, rebooting a server, or updating an operating system.

Immutable Infrastructure makes it easier to roll back changes if an update causes a problem; instead of applying updates directly to running systems, you create new copies and apply changes there. If something goes wrong with the new version, you can quickly switch back to the old one. You can apply this principle by using tools like Packer and Vagrant. This helps you ensure that you have up-to-date backups in case something goes wrong with your code on production servers.

We help companies make infrastructure decisions so they can focus on building their business instead of maintaining their infrastructure.

You can choose us to:

  • Choose the right cloud provider for your business needs
  • Learn the fundamentals of DevOps principles and methods
  • Plan, design, and manage your infrastructure from end-to-end
  • Understand how infrastructure relates to your business goals and objectives
  • Increase productivity by reducing time spent on manual tasks