Want to learn how to build a world class infrastructure using DevOps principals and methods?

Great! Because, that is what I have been working on for the past 3 years

Starting around 2021 I began experimenting with applying DevOps principals and treating infrastructure as code. This blog is a collection of the tips and lessons I have learned while working at IBM to automate the infrastructure that supports some of the world’s most popular sporting events. What sort of things does this cover?

  • Configuration management at scale, not necessarily server scale, but people scale. How do you introduce configuration management when your global team isn’t 10 people, but 100?
  • Infrastructure DevOps under pressure when failure is not an option. How do you balance velocity with safety, when some of the world’s most value brands are on the line?
  • Tool integration. Despite vendor claims, not every problem is a nail. How did I pick and integrate various DevOps tools.

In summary, if it is about applying DevOps in the real world to an infrastructure I want to talk about it.

I have led the team the has transformed the infrastructure for sites like The Masters, Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, Roland Garros, and the Tony Awards from a traditional infrastructure to an automated hybrid cloud.