Want to learn how to build a world class infrastructure using DevOps principals and methods?

Great! Because, that is what I have been working on for the past 3 years

Starting around 2013 I began experimenting with applying DevOps principals and treating infrastructure as code. This blog is a collection of the tips and lessons I have learned while working at IBM to automate the infrastructure that supports some of the world’s most popular sporting events. What sort of things does this cover?

  • Configuration management at scale, not necessarily server scale, but people scale. How do you introduce configuration management when your global team isn’t 10 people, but 100?
  • Infrastructure DevOps under pressure when failure is not an option. How do you balance velocity with safety, when some of the world’s most value brands are on the line?
  • Tool integration. Despite vendor claims, not every problem is a nail. How did I pick and integrate various DevOps tools.

In summary, if it is about applying DevOps in the real world to an infrastructure I want to talk about it.

I have led the team the has transformed the infrastructure for sites like The Masters, Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, Roland Garros, and the Tony Awards from a traditional infrastructure to an automated hybrid cloud.

Wondering who is slinging this markdown?

Brian O’Connell is based in Raleigh, NC where he has worked for IBM since graduating from college. When he is not talking in the third person about himself he is working on awesome infrastructure automation, having fun with his two boys (6 and 9), homebrewing beer, catching up on old TV with his wife Anna, doing home automation projects, watching college football (Go Hokies!) or attending trivia at a local bar.

Any questions? Engage with me on twitter I love to talk about this stuff.