Applying GitLab labels automatically Automatic application of GitLab labels I described how to use GitLab labels to easily triage. @shochdoerfer asked me: @boc_tothefuture how can @gitlab labels be applied automatically for issues or merge requests? A quick webhook server We use GitLab webhooks to automatically apply labels to incoming MRs. To process the webhooks, we wrote a simple […]

Optimization overview of Bluebox with Chef Set goals When forming an optimization plan it is important to have an end goal. Determine, the acceptable time for this operation to complete. The goal time will impact the major focus areas for optimization and how the optimization is approached. After discussion with a major stakeholder of our project, the following non-functional requirement […]

Dynamic GitHub Pages

Creating an automatically updating news page This is the article in a series on how to use GitHub pages (the service that hosts this blog) and Cloudant on the BlueMix PaaS to create an automatically updating news section for a blog. In this post we will Setup Cross Origin Resource Sharing Create a Cloudant […]